Blending Business Savvy
and Creative Design


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About R2J2 Studios - Website Design

R2J2 Studios - Combining business knowledge and creative achievementsThe creative business team at R2J2 Studios brings together a unique blend of business knowledge and experience to compliment our award winning creative achievements.

One of the unique characteristics of R2J2 Studios is our ability to provide our clients with information and advice based on both a solid business background and our award winning creative achievements. We like to think we're offering you "the best of both worlds".

Our business training and experience includes:

Over 20 years experience as a trainer and internal consultant for one of the world's largest transportation companies - specializing in strategic planning, change management, project design and implementation.

Certificate of Academic Excellence - Project Management

Master Facilitator and Trainer

Compression Planning Specialist

Change Management Certification

Our creative training and experience includes:

B.F.A. from Cooper Union School of Art in New York, majoring in graphic design and photography

Over 20 year experience in freelance graphic design and fine art

15 years experience designing retail displays and environments for national clients

Web Design Certificate from Penn State University

Additionally, some of our creative achievements and awards include:

Featured in the Microsoft™ Small Business Center's Online Marketing Newsletter - What Kind of Website Does Your Business Need?

Best in Show Honors at Bethlehem (PA) Outdoor Art Show (Photography)

Photography published in the Citibank Annual Calendar

First Place Honors at the 15th Congressional District Arts Competition, 1983

Artwork exhibition as member of Lehigh Art Alliance, 1990-1994

R2J2 Studios - Have your cake and eat it too! THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS...

The collaboration of our extensive business experience and creative training allows us to offer our clients a winning combination.

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?