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Our Portfolio is a perfect example of how a Galleria Showcase can display examples of your work. For larger quantities of photos, we recommend a full-sized Gallery. Visit our client site, Black Shadow Aviation to see another use for the Galleria Showcase.

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Unique Requirements

Every Website Has Its Own Unique Requirements.

Our goal is to highlight your abilities, philosophy and unique selling points. We can create a web site that will work to achieve your online goals and increase your growth, productivity and profitability. We believe every organization deserves to be seen at its best, especially online where it takes only a few seconds to size up the competition. Scroll through our thumbnail panels below to view our portfolio.

  • Access Termite Pest Control
    Project Specifications: Designed to provide information concisely and quickly. The use of headlines appeals to viewers and important facts are presented in sidebar highlights. Easy to navigate and includes a PDF document for easy printing of job application.

  • Airtime Party Rentals
    Project Specifications: Built to mimic an E-commerce site, this homepage contains all of the information a visitor needs to choose a product. Original artwork to create company brand. R2J2 Studios also developed matching business cards and postcards for marketing blitz.

  • Black Shadow Aviation
    Project Specifications: Client maintains an extremely interactive magazine news format for frequently changing news, events and visitor interaction. Home Page is a "live" snapshot of the entire website, which includes a full photo gallery, news (both new and archived via data base cataloging) and "scuttlebutt" - a blog-like environment for warbird enthusiasts to swap stories and share information. Also includes a section to buy and sell parts.

  • Concierge Concepts
    Project Specifications: A classic style with an international flair, this site includes forms to accommodate vendor and client submissions. Also includes a page for live daily feed of events and activites in major cities - EVENTS

  • DJ's Crafts
    Project Specifications: An E-Commerce site currently under development. Online store programming provides our clients with the ability to maintain their store at their convenience, from "stocking the shelves" to processing orders.

  • Don Thompson Chorale
    Project Specifications: A showcase for a non-profit organization including the ability to update as concert information becomes available.

  • First Coast Crime Stoppers
    Project Specifications: An extensive website that includes a link to an automated and anonymous tip submission form. This frequently visited site serves a multi-county area and is offered in two languages - English and Spanish. Visit First Coast Crimestoppers - Spanish to view the site in Spanish.

  • First Coast Security Online
    Project Specifications: Strong customer oriented site offering information with heavy emphasis on specialized services. Site is split into client side and employee side with employee access only via login on home page. Employee side features company policy information and direct links for contact to different departments.
  • Forensic CPA
    Project Specifications: A small business informational site that uses a three page layout to convey all of the information necessary for viewers. Encrypted email address minimizes automated spamming.

  • GMCPI - Gerald M. Collins & Associates
    Project Specifications: Small business website using 3 page layout to relay all pertinent information to viewers. Encrypted email protects site from invastion of automatic spamming engines.

  • Gifts 4 Pets -n- Pals
    Project Specifications: A full featured, highly-customized E-Commerce site. Site includes optional offerings for visitors and the ability to "mix and match" products prior to check-out. The site's background engine processes all transactions and provides the site owner with ongoing inventory, sales and shipping statistics. Tax structures and shipping options are built into the website, which accepts all credit cards and/or Pay Pal. Also offers the ability to mail in or phone in an order. Ongoing maintenance of the site, including multiple product images and options are maintained and updated by the client.

  • Gifts 4 Pets -n- Pals Product Page
    Project Specifications: Snapshot of Product page for extensive E-Commerce site.
  • Gotham Audio USA
    Project Specifications: Designed with a traditionally Swiss look and feel, Gotham's site links to the Swiss parent company's product specification sheets. The site also contains several easily updated client-maintained sections.

  • Gotham Audio USA - Gazette
    Project Specifications: Several sections of Gotham's site are client-maintained via the incorporation of a user-friently script that stores articles and images in a server-resident database.

  • Huna Mua
    Project Specifications: A traditional informative site with the inclusion of a client-maintained schedule. This schedule allows the client to change information at their convenience, saving in site maintenance expenses.

  • Jan Tomlinson
    Project Specifications: Complete real estate site which includes all the bells and whistles necessary for a prospective client to access area information. Includes buying and selling advice, live feeds on area schools and businesses, and calculators for mortgage amounts, borrowing power, and city salary comparisons. Also includes link to listings and an extensive page on area demographics and "smart maps".

  • JLyn Creations
    Project Specifications: Original business expanded into extensive client-maintained E-commerce storefront. Developed as a sister site to original information website - JLyn Shepherds. Client maintains changes to all product information, including upload of product pictures and descriptions, pricing information and product options. Automated tax information and shipping options built into store check-out function. Behind the scenes administrative website tracks and reports all pertinent sales information to client.

  • JLyn Creations - Product Page
    Project Specifications: Product page example for extensive storefront site maintained by client.
  • Lehigh Valley Healing Arts Academy
    Project Specifications: The challenge presented by Lehigh Valley Healing Arts Academy was to display a soft, natural look and feel in the high-tech environment of the internet. Using a sand-colored background with a soft-edged transition to the white page body, LVHAA's information is clearly presented. Additionally, an information request form collects data from interested visitors. The home page displays a central animation of LVHAA's 10-part mission statement. The "Workshops" page extracts information from a client-uploaded text file and displays it in a clear, chronological format.

  • Light Bridge Alliance
    Project Specifications: Features include a client-maintained calendar for event scheduling.

  • Miller Appraisal Group
    Project Specifications: Small business owner's site heavily dependent on email reliability for transmission of documents. Extensive field work requires client to have ability to transmit and receive documents using standard email program as well as webmail service.

  • New Seed Sanctuary - Enter
    Project Specifications: As well as providing internet visitors with a traditional informative website, The New Seed Sanctuary's site features several interactive features, both public and private.

    Publicly visible excerpts of text and audio can be maintained by the client, keeping content fresh. A private access section features a client-maintained calendar and a members-only bulletin board. Navigation has been designed to accommodate future site expansion.

  • New Seed Sanctuary - Shakma Speaks
    Project Specifications: Publicly visible excerpts of text and audio can be maintained by the client, keeping content fresh.
  • Partnering Virtually
    Project Specifications: Small busines provides pertinent information to visitors with 3 page site.

  • Pathways of Light
    Project Specifications: Highly informative site featuring a client-maintained calendar and inspirational journal, as well as PayPal integration for e-commerce.

  • Pennsburg Fire Co - Enter
    Project Specifications: This site incorporates programming to enable the client to maintain frequent statistical information changes and news. Driven by a word processor type interface, updates are easy and require little technical experience.

  • Seika Corporation
    Project Specifications: Traditional informative website with the inclusion of a content management system that enables the client to add news at their convenience. News items are automatically displayed on the home page with links to full articles.

  • St. Giles Presbyterian Church
    Project Specifications: Substantial site which provides needed communication with the community, as well as the church membership. Includes news type pages and informational pages with interactive church calendar to input and update church and community related events. Also includes PDF link for featured sermons as well as an important links section on every page for live feeds to daily readings and studies.

  • The Deck Specialist
    Project Specifications: A large site which showcases an extensive portfolio of products. Additionally, client is competing in a large geographic market (Atlanta) for a popular product (deck and outdoor construction) and expressed an interest in search engine optimization. Using a "roadmap" developed by R2J2 Studios, client site currently ranks in the top 10 on Google, lists at #3 on Yahoo and #2 on MSN Search and for client's designated top key phrase.

  • The Deck Specialist - Gallery
    Project Specifications: A picture is worth a thousand words - Website Gallery displays pictures of finished projects in 5 separate albums. With minimal training, client has the ability to update, add or change album pictures as new projects are completed. Visitor has the option to view via a slideshow or single photos; also can select the method of transition from one photo to the next. Gallery has built-in search feature for quick viewing of specified product query.

  • The Embroidery Depot
    Project Specifications: Basic website displaying various company products and services. Features include a customer reply form that allows graphic file submittal. Future development includes full e-commerce capabilities for complete product customization.

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