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To gain a better understanding of the type of website that your business needs, be sure to read our article on "The Two Best Rasons to Have a Business Website", and Microsoft's article on "What Kind of Web Site Does Your Business Need?", featuring R2J2 Studios.



Every website design by R2J2 Studios earns the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) validation stamp for compliance to established standards and best internet and web design practices. If you want to understand why this is so important for the "long-term health" of your online business, be sure to read, "Why It Is Important for YOUR WEBSITE to Comply with W3C Standards".


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We like to shine a spotlight on our clients and their online business ventures every chance we get. Not only is it good for us to be able to "showcase" some of our work, it is a great opportunity to provide a link to our clients' sites. That makes our clients happy, and it also serves as a legitimate link to help to boost our clients' rankings within the search engine community. We encourage you to visit some of the sites below to see some of our products and services in action.

Custom Websites

Custom Websites - Pennsburg Fire Co.

We work closely with our clients to develop only the website pages that they need - by creatively combining information on pages where appropriate, eliminating unnecessary pages, and offering alternatives to traditional website layouts based on experience and research of website effectiveness.

We listen thoroughly and completely to your online business goals and translate them into a showcase of your products and services. Every website designed by R2J2 Studios earns the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) validation stamp for compliance to established standards and best internet and web design practices.

Custom Websites - Concierge Concepts

Your website begins with a home page that combines powerful headlines and an overview of your products and services, creating a "snapshot" of your entire website. By using a combination of innovative design and best in class business standards, your content is enhanced with user-friendly navigation, crystal clear layout and unique graphic representation.

Our standard payment terms are 50% down at contractual agreement/50% remainder at completion of site. In addition to standard pricing, we offer two "lease to purchase" options. Lease to purchase websites require a two-year contract and cover all of your website's associated basic costs - domain name registration and hosting for 2 years. (back to top)


E-Commerce J-Lyn Creations

R2J2 Studios uses state of the art shopping cart software to build your online store. Your shopping cart is a data-base driven "vehicle" that allows your customers to choose from a selection of products and services. When the shopper is finished, the software totals up the account, adds tax, shipping and handling charges and handles online payment processing automatically and securely.

The "behind the scenes" recordkeeping is second to none, and includes a database of information about your customers, inventory and transactions.

Set-up for Shopping Carts to integrate into your website start at $750. (back to top)

Photo Gallery/Portfolio

Photo Gallery and Portfolio - The Deck Specialist

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A gallery full of them is an excellent way to bring visitors to your site. Rather than just telling your visitors about your offerings, display your portfolio of products and services online!

The photo gallery is customized to integrate seamlessly into your website and offers a variety of options for both you as the portfolio owner and your visitors.

You can manage your own porfolio by removing outdated pictures and uploading new replacement photos... or add new albums to your portfolio whenever you establish a new line of products and services.

Visitors can choose to view your photos in a slideshow or one at a time. They can "search" to find only the products that match their search terms, or they can view individual albums. Visit our featured client portfolio to view some of the options offered.

Base price for Galleries and Portfolios start at $400 and include the design, layout and uploading of your first 25 pictures. (back to top)

Content Management - Interactive Editable Pages

Content Management - Seika Corporation of America

Interactive Web Pages, also known as Content Management Systems, are an elegant, easy-to-use method of updating and maintaining the content on your website. Using interactive web pages to publish news, events, announcements and updates to your products and services results in real-time information being delivered to your customers. R2J2 Studios can design a content management system giving you the ability to publish "up to the minute" information online, while generating well-structured, standards-compliant web pages.

Individual Interactive Editable Pages start at $250 per page. Entire website content management systems will be priced at a discounted rate. (back to top)


Interactive Calendar

Interactive Calendar - Lightbridge Alliance

Online calendars do so much more than just track your schedule! An interactive calendar acts as a way to communicate with your visitors on a daily basis.

The calendar features 3 different views: "month at a glance", daily highlights with small calendar or monthly events listing. It also includes a search feature so your visitor can find what they are looking for right away.

Some of our Interactive Calendar clients include schools, churches and training coordinators. If your online business could benefit from sharing a schedule with your visitors, an Interactive Calendar may be just the thing to keep your website visitors coming!

Interactive Calendar prices begin at $300. (back to top)

Having an effective website means having a website that will do some of your work for you.

There are many tools available to assist you with designing an effective website. In addition to the web design services shown above, R2J2 Studios can add many options to your website, including guestbooks, weblogs and message boards. We can even translate your English website into another language.